A native of San Francisco, Peter Maund studied percussion at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and music, folklore and ethnomusicology at the University of California, Berkeley. A founding member of Ensemble Alcatraz and Alasdair Fraser’s Skyedance, he has performed with early and contemporary music ensembles including American Bach Soloists, Alboka, Anonymous 4,  Chanticleer, Davka, El Mundo, The Harp Consort, Hesperion XX, Kitka, Los Cenzontles, Musica Pacifica, Pacific MusicWorks, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Texas Early Music Project, and Voices of Music, among others. 

Presenters and performance venues include the Berkeley Festival, Cal Performances, Carnegie Hall, Celtic Connections (Glasgow); Cervantino Festival (Guanajuato), Confederation House (Jerusalem); Edinburgh Festival; Festival Interceltique de Lorient; Festival Pau Casals; Fillmore Auditorium, Folkfestival Dranouter; Freight & Salvage, Horizante Orient Okzident (Berlin); The Kennedy Center; Lincoln Center; Palacio Congresos (Madrid); Queen Elizabeth Hall (London); and Tage Alter Musik (Regensburg).

He is the author of “Percussion” in A Performers Guide to Medieval Music, Indiana University Press, 2000.  He has served on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley as well as in workshops sponsored by Amherst Early Music, the San Francisco Early Music Society, the American Recorder Society and the American Orff-Schulwerk Association.  Described by the Glasgow Herald as “the most considerate and imaginative of percussionists” he can be heard on over 60 recordings.



Excerpts from performance reviews:

“(Peter Maund) performed brilliantly on a range of percussion instruments...true rapport and sensitivity to one another’s music making.”   The Washington Post

“...astoundingly virtuosic.”  San Francisco Chronicle

“Percussionist Peter Maund brought a delicate sensibility to his sounds and rhythm that is exceptional.”  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Peter Maund played various percussion instruments with considerable taste and (as far as scholarly discernible) stylistic authenticity... technically adroit and rhythmically solid...      Los Angeles Times

“…his nonchalant virtuosity was a wonder to behold.” 
San Francisco Classical Voice

“(aspects of the ensemble) such as the excellent percussion playing of Peter Maund, were exceptional. “  San Francisco Chronicle

“the most considerate and imaginative of percussionists.”  Glasgow Herald

“Peter Maund was superb playing a variety of hand drums and tambourine...” 
San Francisco Chronicle

“...fluent virtuosity in featured solos.” Los Angeles Times

“Peter Maund’s elaborate and virtuosic drumming, largely on some variety of dumbek, provides a superb cement for the ensemble.” Continuo

“... ingenious tambourine playing.” San Francisco Chronicle

“Peter Maund played percussion with astonishing subtlety and variety.” 
The Milwaukee Journal

“...remarkable in the precision of the finger work...virtuosic in the best sense of the word, meaning attuned to the needs of the music.”  Pittsburgh Press

Excerpts from teaching evaluations:

“Great!  Wow!  Not only an impressive musician but a really good teacher too!  Enthusiastic, encouraging, patient, well-organized, focused.”

“Peter’s classes are always a joy, and his expertise, patience and enthusiasm were wonderful, as always.”

“Great!  I was stretched rhythmically, conceptually, physically and creatively.”

“Terrific.  I was particularly impressed by the way Peter was able to give students with very different levels of ability just what they needed.  No complaints at all.”

“Wonderfully supportive atmosphere.  Good handouts and exercises.”

“Peter is one of the nicest and most encouraging teachers I have ever met.  We had a lot of fun in the class...He is an incredibly talented individual (I could listen to him play for hours) but I never felt intimidated, rather inspired.”

“Great class and great teacher!  Peter is not only an excellent performer but also a very fine teacher.  He’s obviously very comfortable and confident in front of a class; he’s demanding and supportive of his students at the same time and communicates his enthusiasm and love of his music very well.  Peter is also extremely well-organized and runs his classes with great precision and time management -- he has a plan that fits the available class hours, he always knows how much time is available during class and how to use it, etc.  I could hardly ask for a better-run class.”

“A++  Superb!  ‘nuff said."


Voices of Music: Bučimiš; Peter Maund, riq & Hanneke van Proosdij, recorder (Бучeниш)

Voices of Music:  La Gelosia (Domenico da Piacenza)

Istampitta Tre Fontane: Peter Maund & Hanneke van Proosdij


An improvisation on the riq.

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The Bride Unfastens Her Braids, The Groom Faints: Ladino Love songs.  New Albion

Ludus Danielis: The Play of Daniel The Harp Consort,  Harmonia Mundi, Germany

Judith  Davka, Tzadik

Festival of Lights with Ira Stein, Irina Mikhailova, et al Six Degrees Records

Bi beso lur  Alboka, Aztarna

Nectar  Kitka, Diaphonica

Green Christmas Alex deGrassi, et al. Seventh Wave Productions

Brave Hearts  Narada

Planet Flute Viviana Guzman, Well Tempered Productions

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Wings of Time Lauren Pomerantz, Songbird Music

Journey Begun Athena Tergis & Laura Risk, Culburnie Records  

Voices on the Eastern Wind  Kitka

Our Heart’s Joy:  A Chanticleer Christmas Chanticleer, Chanticleer Records

Danse Royal Ensemble Alcatraz, Elektra/Nonesuch

Boccherini:  Quintets IV, V & VI The Artaria Quartet, Harmonia Mundi, France

Visions and Miracles Ensemble Alcatraz, Elektra/Nonesuch

Water Music   Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra,  Harmonia Mundi, France

Jewels of the Sephardim Lauren Pomerantz

Chanticleer in Concert  Chanticleer, Chanticleer Records

Psallite:  a Renaissance Christmas  Chanticleer, Sine Qua Non

Encore:  Bert's Baladi  Mary Ellen Books

Glossolalia Richard Felciano, composer. (voice, organ, percussion, and tape.) Albany Records

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